The mission of the University for Parents is to empower underserved African American parents with training, skills, and opportunities to improve the quality of life for their families.



• Provide a high quality curriculum for our parent-learners.
• Practice high ethical interaction with our parent-learners, staff, and stakeholders
• Respect and acknowledge the cultural and socio economic differences of our parent-learners
• Offer support and identify resources to enhance the quality of life of our parent-learners
• Meet the changing needs and desires of our parent-learners



• To improve the literacy, leadership, and socio emotional wellness of our parent-learners
• To assess the academic and socio emotional needs of the parent-learners.
• To develop an individualized learning plan for each parent-learner
• To prepare parent-learners for career readiness and workforce development
• To improve the communication and interpersonal skills of our parent-learners.
• To enhance the parenting skills of our parent-learners
• To improve the level of parent engagement in schools.


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